Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Special Puja

Puja, or Pooja, is a religious Hindu ritual that is performed for special people or special occasions. My cousin Rajiv and his wife Poonam have built a new house and before they can move in it needed to be blessed so a puja was held today inside the house. This is a ceremony that dates back more than 2000 years. One of the small tables was set up for the nine planets, 200o years ago the moon and the sun were considered planets.

A Hindu priest performed the ceremony and Rajiv's entire family was present as was a few relative including me. The puja took 5 hours and afterwards we indulged in a pretty nice feast.  Afterwards I returned to my room (I'm staying at the dorms at the Tata Cancer Research and Treatment Center). Having had too much food at the puja I opted to skip dinner tonight. Here's some photos;

my nephew Naman
My cousin in law Poonam

Rajiv and family

Poonam and Rajiv

Nephew Rohan

My late uncle Jagat, Rajiv's father

My cousin Neena, Rajiv's sister
My aunt on the right (Rajiv's mother)
her sister on the left

The Hindu priest

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