Thursday, June 7, 2012

Having fun in Texas

I forgot what it can be like with two little ones around. Am I relaxing before my trip to India? Sort of. Am I having fun? Heck yeah!!  One day we all went to a friend's house where they have a river running through the property. We floated all afternoon, had a great bbq in the evening and watched the adults dance to Wiii at night. Here around the house Emma and Tucker (6 & 7) have kept me on my toes from sunrise to the wee hours of the night. Yesterday we did some arts and crafts, played games, did a puzzle, jumped on the trampoline and told stories. Mason's a teenager now, he took me for a ride yesterday into town and showed me some cool bikes and jet skis at the motorcycle shop. Surprisingly I did actually find one motorcycle that I really liked. There are a few cows and white horse here along with a couple dogs. I've helped here and there with some of the feeding (mostly feeding myself though). Also helped Mason get his go cart running.

After the cows were fed Mason's friends came over. Woody and Grant were great teenagers with true southern manners.

I've also been having a great time with my in-laws, we've had some good conversations and laughs together.

Right now I have a few minutes to myself to get this post uploaded along with a couple of photos. Tomorrow I'll do a little bit of laundry and packing as on Saturday I will be taking the train (Amtrak) up to Dallas for two days, then off to India.

I came across this link today and now my mouth won't stop salivating. Great photos of the food in India, only a few more days......

Here are some photos of my sister in law Suzanne and two of her kids, I'm really liking my new Olympus E-M5 camera!!

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