Monday, June 11, 2012

At the airport

I had a fun and relaxing weekend with Bill and Shelley. Good food, good conversations, good company. What else could I ask for?

When I woke up Shelley was already awake and had a bowl of fresh fruit and coffee ready for me. She make toast and preserves for Bill. What service! 

Bill dropped me off at the Dallas Fort Worth airport this morning. Check in at 0530 was easy and quick as there was no one else in line. I used the first class line but I probably should have used the main cabin line. Rick, the ticket agent who checked me in, was not friendly in any way like most ticket agents are. He wasn't rude either, just very bland. I had to remind him to put the priority tags on my luggage and when I asked about going standby for an earlier flight he just blew me off. Maybe he's not used to the early morning schedule, and this is not normally what I experience with American Airlines.

I'm up here at the Admiral's Club waiting for my flight to board. I had a cup of coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit which was surprisingly good. The fruit I've had in the past two weeks have really had outstanding flavor and texture.

I'm leaving here in about an hour, headed to St. Louis where I have a 60 minute layover and then on to Chicago.  More later.

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